DrivePlay™ 10 inch Wireless Carplay


AutoConnect™ 9-Inch Wireless Car Player with HD Screen and Camera

Experience Driving Innovation with Our 9-inch Wireless Car Player with HD Screen and Camera

Stay connected without distractions. Easily pair your mobile phone with the player via Bluetooth for hands-free calls and music streaming, enhancing your safety while on the road.

Our player comes equipped with a front camera. Adding a rear camera is a simple process. After installation, enjoy the added safety and convenience of the rearview function.

Enjoy an expansive view on the 9.3-inch high-definition touch screen. Its sleek rectangular design minimizes any visual obstructions and adds a touch of modern elegance to your vehicle

Revitalize your driving experience with the 9-inch Wireless Car Player. Streamlined installation, advanced features, and a sleek design await you on the road

Wireless Carplay Adapter


This 9-inch Wireless Car Player with an HD screen and camera simply requires plugging in, offering Bluetooth connectivity, wireless Android Auto access and enhanced audio through FM transmission for a hassle-free, modern driving experience. 


✔️ Effortless Installation: Plug-and-play design eliminates complex wiring, saving time and effort

✔️ Immersive HD Display: Enjoy a larger, clearer view with reduced line-of-sight obstruction, adding a touch of modern style

✔️ Hands-Free Connectivity: Bluetooth enables safe phone calls and wireless music streaming, keeping your focus on the road.

✔️ Wireless Android Auto: Access voice control, music, and navigation without tangled cables (compatible with Android Auto-enabled phones).

✔️ Superior Audio: Transmit player sound to your car's audio system, enhancing your listening experience.

✔️ Built-In Camera: Front camera convenience and easy rear camera installation for added safety and convenience.

Wireless Carplay Adapter


  • Carplay and Android Auto: Take calls, listen to music, real-time navigation, and more.
  • Bluetooth Feature: Support Bluetooth music and hands-free calls.
  • Voice Controls: Support Apple Siri and Android voice control.
  • Easy to Install: 5 minutes to do, no skills are required.
  • Wide Application: Supports 12-24V cars and trucks.
  • FM Transmitting: Connect into car audio by FM transmitting sounds.
  • AUX Output: Support AUX port transmission.
  • Three Audio Modes: Local Speaker, AUX, FM


  • Wireless Carplay Adapter


    • Color Weatherproof Backup Camera
    • 9-Inch Smart Screen Player
    • Universal Mount
    • Camera Power Cable
    • Screw Kit for Camera Installation
    • User Manual
    • 32G TF Card
    • Cigarette lighter plug 
    • Cigarette lighter conversion plug(Optional)
    • AUX cable

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