Please read all instructions before installing your car mats and boot liner

Here is the link to the video for the car mats 

Step 1: Remove all other floor mats or boot liners from the car

Step 2:  Place all boot liners in the sun to remove wrinkles.  This is not essential as they will drop out over time

Step 3: Please move driver's seat back and upward entirely

Step 4: Select the correct mat for each location of the car can slide into place.  Use the clips and adhesive to secure into place and aligns perfectly with the car

Step 5:  It is imperative that you use the clips and adhesive to secure this properly.  We have provided you with extra adhesive to secure the mats.

Step 6: Ensure the mats are secure and do not slide

Step 7: Test the mats before driving and checking no obstruction with pedals, brakes after installation

Step 8: To install the mats in the back seat adjust the drivers and passenger side seats forward to show the maximun floor space

Step 9: Put the mats across the floor and slide in

Step 10: Use the clips and the adhesive to secure tightly


  • If you car goes in for a service or clean please make sure you check all the mats to ensure they are installed
  • If you are driving and the mats are moving around please stop at the most secure location and refit your mats.  If this is not possible please remove the mat and put it away until you can secure it properly
  • If you sell your vehicle please share the details with the new owner
  • These mats are custom made for your particular car model.  Please do not use in any other car model as they will not fit.
  • Failure to correctly install these mats could relate in injury or serious accident.
  • Do not use if compliance can not be maintained.