Adjustable 360 Rotating Car Cup Holder Mount Bracket for Mobile Phone

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 Adjustable 360 Rotating Car Cup Holder Mount Bracket for Mobile Phone

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Adjustable 360 Rotating Car Cup Holder Mount Bracket for Mobile Phone

Tired of struggling with limited space in your car for your drinks? Frustrated with standard cup holders that can't accommodate larger drink bottles? Sick of dealing with messy spills because you lack a secure place to keep your beverages?

Experience ultimate convenience and hands-free functionality with our innovative Car Cup Holder Mount Bracket. Designed to fit perfectly in your cup holder, this versatile mount provides easy access to both your phone and the charging port, ensuring you stay connected on the go.

The flexibility of this mount is unmatched. It easily flexes to fit cup holders ranging from 3 to 4 inches in diameter, accommodating a wide range of vehicles. Whether you have a phone with or without a case, and even with additional accessories, our mount can securely hold your device. It allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect viewing angle.

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Car phone holder


The Adjustable Car Cup Holder is universal and fits most cars except for those with extremely narrow cup mouths.


✔️Easy Accessibility: With the mount conveniently placed in your car's cup holder, your phone is always within reach. You can easily access your device for navigation, hands-free calls, or controlling media without fumbling or searching for your phone elsewhere in the car.

✔️Enhanced Safety: By securely mounting your phone in the cup holder, the bracket helps promote safer driving. You can keep your hands on the wheel and focus on the road, minimizing distractions caused by holding or searching for your phone while driving.

✔️360° Rotation: The mount provides full 360° rotation, allowing you to adjust the phone's viewing angle to your preference. Whether you need a portrait or landscape orientation, you can effortlessly rotate the phone to achieve the optimal position for navigation or viewing content.

✔️Versatility: The adjustable bracket accommodates a wide range of phone sizes and cases, providing compatibility with most mobile devices. It can securely hold both large smartphones and compact devices, ensuring that your phone fits snugly and stays in place during your journey.

✔️Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from a single piece of durable plastic, the mount offers excellent stability and longevity. Its sturdy construction eliminates the need for magnets, suction cups, or other mechanisms that may wear out or fail over time.

✔️One-Handed Operation: The integrated tab design allows for easy one-handed operation. You can conveniently insert or remove your phone from the mount with a simple press of the tab, enabling quick and hassle-free usage whenever needed.

✔️Charging Accessibility: The mount's design ensures easy access to your phone's charging port. You can charge your device while it's securely mounted, keeping your phone powered throughout your journey.

Car phone holder


✔️ Colour: Black 

✔️ Material: Plastic

✔️ Fit: Universal

✔️ Product Size: 24x9.5x8.5cm

✔️Type: 2in1 Phone & Cup Holder

✔️Compatible Model: Universal

Car phone holder


  • 2In1 Phone & Cup Holder

Reduce Risks of Distracted Driving

In a recent study conducted by Monash University, Aussies are being distracted every 96 seconds by something other than driving their vehicle.  To no surprise eating or drinking is one of the top 5 distractions. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Blake F

I love how versatile this mount is. It flexes to fit different cup holder sizes and holds my phone firmly in place. No more worrying about my phone sliding around!

Harley R

This mount is rock solid. It doesn't wobble or shake even on bumpy roads. My phone feels secure and safe in it.

Katelynn H

This cup holder mount has been a game-changer for me. It securely holds my phone, allowing me to navigate and make hands-free calls easily. Highly recommended!

John L

The 360° rotation feature is fantastic. I can effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape mode for navigation or watching videos. So convenient!

Shanna F

One of the best features is the one-handed operation. I can easily insert or remove my phone with just one hand. Such a time-saver!

Rhett K

I've tried other mounts with suction cups, but they always failed. This cup holder mount is a game-changer. It's stable and doesn't damage my car's interior."

Lauretta F

The simplicity of this mount is genius. No complicated installation or magnets. Just put it in the cup holder, adjust, and you're good to go

Adam G

The adjustable bracket fits my phone perfectly, even with a case. I no longer have to take off the case every time I want to use the mount."

Napoleon B

The adjustable bracket fits my phone perfectly, even with a case. I no longer have to take off the case every time I want to use the mount."

Reese D

This cup holder mount is a must-have for road trips. It keeps my phone within reach, and I can easily change songs or answer calls without distractions."

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