VIPLens™ Car Visor Vanity Mirror

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Is the lighting in your car make it hard to do your makeup?

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Car Sun Visor Beauty Mirror and stay stunning on the go!

Sometimes you can't always be organised and that means putting your make up on in the car park because you are running late!  Are you sick of your makeup looking a mess all over your face from doing your make up in the car? 

Over one in 10 Australians (12 per cent) are late to work by an average of 32 minutes. Stop being late for work and get your makeup done on the go. 

With both cool and warm lighting and a rechargeable USB battery, simply secure the mirror to your car visor with the velcro strips and using the touch sensor buttons brighten up your life, or morning.

Our Car Visor Vanity Mirror has solved all your problems.   It is so easy to use all you need to do is secure the mirror to your car sun visor and then you can use the button to brighten up your face.  Doing your makeup on the run has just become easier.   

Whether you are buying the Car Sun Visor Beauty Mirror for yourself or a loved one, it is entirely risk free. We are so confident that you will fall in love with your Car Sun Visor Beauty Mirror we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Join over 10,000+ satisfied customers who now love doing their makeup on the run.   


✔️  BRIGHT AND SOFT - Easy to apply makeup perfectly as the light is bright and soft

✔️ TOUCH SCREEN DESIGN -   Touch screen design to turn on and off

✔️  ADJUSTABLE STRAPS -    Lightweight 

✔️  SMART GLASS   Scratch-resistant glass 


How it works?

The Car Sun Visor Makeup Mirror fits most cars and is the perfect gift for your family or friends this holiday season.

The Car Sun Visor Makeup Mirror works but attaching it to your passenger side sun visor.  It has led lights that provide a soft and bright light for you to do your makeup. 


✔️ Lighting Technology: LED

✔️ Material : Plastic, Glass

✔️ Mounting: Sun Visor

✔️ Type: Car Makeup Mirror

✔️ Colour: White

✔️ Features: Touch Sensor, LED Lighted, Mirror

✔️ Fitment Type: Direct Replacement

✔️ LED Light Colour: White, Warm, White and Warm 

✔️ Number of LEDs: 60

✔️ Battery Type: Lithium Battery

✔️ Product Size: 26cm x 13.5cm x 2cm


  • 1 x VIPLens™ Car Visor Vanity Mirror

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Rochelle Adams

This mirror you will not miss a thing on your face, no blemish, or make a careless makeup mistake because you couldn't see clearly. It's easy enough to attach to my car visor too.

Issy Bandfield

This is the most clever idea! I'm a busy mom who is always on the go so a lot of times. I take my makeup straight to my car. Lighting is a huge problem when you want your makeup to look flawless! So let me tell you..... I LOVE IT! I am in love with it!

Nicole Heller

This mirror is amazing! The light is really bright and I can easily apply my make up inside the car at night and still be able to achieve a flawless application! The product feels sturdy, and it looks amazing as well.

Hailey Collins

I got this makeup mirror for a friend for Christmas and she loved it! She raved so much about it that I got one too. I wanted one that could easily use while traveling and camping.

Fiona Murphy

I travel one hour to get to work and try and get their early to do makeup. The light is amazing and is a game changer for doing my makeup in the car.

Cassie James

Bought it for my mum as a gift, there was plenty left when i bought it so I decided to buy me one to. Highly recommend

Jacqui Davidson

I absolutely love this car vanity mirror! It is extremely bright, very easy to plug in and use, good size, and has three different light settings.

Meagan Brown

This mirror is so bright! Shies all imperfections and fits great on the visor. I love how long the cord is too!

Danielle Lind

I am happy with the mirror highly recommend.

Belinda Sanders

100% worth it! I do my makeup in my car before work once I park, and I am so incredibly happy that this exists!

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