Car Multi Pocket PU Leather Storage Organiser With Handbag Holder

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Choose Our No. 1 Rated Car Multi-Pocket PU Leather Storage Organizer With Handbag Holder

The Car Multi Pocket Storage Organizer With Handbag Holder is a must-have addition for any car owner. This practical and versatile car accessory will help you keep your car organized and tidy while providing a safe and convenient place for storing your handbag.

The Car Multi Pocket Storage Organizer With Handbag Holder is a functional and convenient accessory for your car. With its multiple pockets, you can easily organize and store your car essentials such as your phone, keys, wallet, water bottle, and more in one place.

Whether you are buying a Car Multi Pocket Storage Organizer With Handbag Holder for yourself or a loved one, it is entirely risk-free. We are so confident that you will fall in love with your Car Multi Pocket Storage Organizer With Handbag Holder we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. Join over 10,000+ satisfied customers who have created extra storage in their cars.  


Carseat Organiser


✔️Easy to Install: Simply attach between seat car organizer to the headrest rod, no need to drill or remove your seat. It also with stretchable strap, to fix the length you need

✔️Extra Large Capacity Storage: The multifunctional car pocket completely makes full use of the space between the front two seats

✔️ PROTECT YOUR HANDBAG -  Provide storage for your expensive or nice handbag so it doesn't fall on the car floor

✔️  Large capacity: This Car Handbag Holder is perfect for storing handbags, wallets, tablets, magazines, and more.

✔️Premium Material:  This car seat organizer between seats is made of high-quality PU which is strong bearing capacity and good stretching ability.

✔️Safe driving: Completely cover the gaps between the front two seats, The car purse holder between seats Is also a special barrier that prevents naughty kids or pets in the back seat from disturbing your daily drives, helpful for safe driving.

✔️Easy to clean: This car seat organizer is easy to clean, and wipe with a wet towel, not easily get dirty, and does not easily deform

✔️ SIZE- Fits most car

Carseat Organiser
Carseat Organiser


The Handbag Holder is universal and fits most cars.  Its straps go around the headrests of both your front seats.   It has a pocket where you can put your handbag so it does not fall into the backseat. 



✔️ Colour:  Black

✔️ Material: PU leather

✔️ Fit: Universal

✔️ Size:24*38cm


  • 1*Car Storage Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Cesar L

I have just received the product I have not tested yet but everything arrived right thanks

Tomas Gomez

It's so convenient to have everything in one place when traveling with kids – no more searching for snacks or toys!

Cory S

This car multi-pocket organizer has been a lifesaver for my messy car! I love the handbag holder feature too!

Víctor L

I no longer have to search through a messy car looking for my belongings thanks to this amazing organizer.

Benito Z

The PU leather material of this organizer looks so sleek and professional in my car.

Hailey T

I love how the handbag holder keeps my purse off the floor of my car and in easy reach for me.

Daniela G

The easy installation process made it even more convenient to get it set up and ready to use

Philip O

This is a must-have car accessory for anyone who wants a more organized and tidy car.

Gustave K

The various pockets are great for storing everything from phone chargers to makeup and more.

Carrie S

The fact that this is made with durable materials means it will withstand daily wear and tear for a long time.

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