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360 Car Wash Cleaning Mop And Brush Kit

$69.99 $99.99

Are you tired of using clothes that cannot remove dirt and dust in your car easily?

Do you want to have a kit that can wash, clean, and polish the car at home? 

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Car Wash Cleaning Mop And Brush Kit

The Car Wash Cleaning Mop Brush Tool Kit is a high-quality cleaning tool kit that can be used to clean cars and other household items. The Telescopic long handle is composed of 3 sections, whose length can be adjusted from 50cm(min.) to 102cm(max.). Ultra-soft chenille bristles and built-in sponge do not scratch the delicate car paint when you clean. This versatile cleaning brush has multiple uses, including wet and dry cleaning.

This car wash brush is perfect for cleaning, drying, waxing, dusting, and polishing your vehicle or home. Not only can you wash trucks, buses, SUVs, and motorcycles, but car wash accessories are great for windows and ceiling fans as it removes dust from them. These Car Cleaning is able to be used in many different places throughout the home or garage such as boats, RVs, and boats

Car Cleaning Brush


✔️Scratch Free -the car wash brush head is made of extremely soft microfiber chenille with strong water absorption and is easy to dry so your wash can be easier and faster

✔️Stop Straining Your Back-adjustable dust mop pole length will help you to clean the different heights and degree places where you can not wash by hand avoid stretching bending over or twisting to get everything done.

✔️ Wide Applicationnot only can you wash a car but the car washing accessories are awesome for windows dusting  outdoor sheds kids' slides outdoor structures and your home accessories

✔️  Flexible Wash Brush- The car wash brush head can be rotated within 90 degrees for easy car washing.  The 15-degree curved design saves more energy.

✔️Preferred Material-  Made of a high-quality aluminum alloy handle, exceptional durability, and stronger bearing capacity.

✔️Adjustable handle extends to the longest of 120cm.

✔️ Fantastic Cleaning- Car wash sponge mop heads work by trapping dirt and grime particles into the wash fibers to collect them, fantastic for car cleaning

How does it work?

This Car Wash Cleaning Mop Brush Tool Kit is the best car wash kit for cleaning your car and for washing your car. It is not just a car wash tool, it is also a window cleaner, garden water sprinkler, wash blanket, and more!

Product Specifications

  • Material: aluminum alloy, chenille
  • Brush: 27x15cm
  • Handle Length: 50-102cm
Car Cleaning Brush
Car Cleaning Brush

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Shakira T

I arrived in 3 days as if I had ordered it from home. This is the first time I arrived so fast. The contrast products are also worth using ~

Patrick L

The product is great and useful. Thank you so much

Emma D

You get the product more that you expect. Thank you seller.

Jensen C

The handle is folded 50 cm, unfolded 120 cm. The plastic is solid and seemingly durable. Easy bending of the handle is. Folds, unfolds easily. Microfiber cloth, good, Velcro brush mount. Satisfied with the purchase.

Rose B

It is a good product for cost. I waited for the delivery. The product is good quality the seller is very accommodating. Thank you so much

Valerie H

Excellent brush as a gift to my husband, thanks to the seller.

Grace B

Excellent device, let's hope the stick doesn't break in the near future, highly recommend. 15 minutes and the car is clean

Marshall C

For someone like me who don't have enough time to wash car this product is very helpful, in just 10-15 minutes you get a nice and a very clean car. Thank you s much

Robert K

Thank you. Excellent product!!!

Cathy D

I arrived earlier than I thought,and I like the product... It's sturdy and is very easy to use. This products make my life easier. Haha you so much

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