Gloss BlackVinyl Car Wrap

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Gloss BlackVinyl Car Wrap

Is your car dashboard looking old and worn? Do you want to upgrade the look of your older model car? Having your car interior remodeled costs a lot of money. 

Meet The #1 Gloss BlackVinyl Car Wrap

  • This is suitable for car detailing, such as the hood, trunk, roof, door handles, or even the interior.

  • You can fully customise your car to look awesome and beastly.

  • Not only improves the car's look but also protects your car from dirt, dust, and chipping, 
    not to mention your factory car paint remains brand new, just like when you bought it. 

  • The vinyl is printed into a 3-dimensional texture to give it a dry carbon look, which is very similar to real carbon fibre when light reflects on it.

 How to Install

Key Product Specifications

  • Brand New and High Quality
  • Reflects light in the same way that real Carbon Fibre would.
  • Strong adhesion capability with bubble-free installation.
  • UV resistant
  • PVC material
  • Can be re-lifted, repositioned, and stretched.
  • Stretchable with heat (Hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Durable material is resistant to water, dirt, and oil
  • Easily clean with soap and water.
  • Protects original paint underneath from chips and scratches
  • Simple to install in many applications: Automotive, motorcycle, laptop, mobile devices, front hood, rear trunk, spoiler, lips, side pillar, rims, side mirrors, door handles, windshield, interior trim home furnishings, etc...the possibilities are endless.
  • Size: 1.51M(L) x 50cm(W) (Approx.)


 Package Includes

  • 1x 4D Carbon Fibre Sticker

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