TravelWarm™ Heated Car Travel Blanket


TravelWarm™ Heated Car Travel Blanket

Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort on every journey with the TravelWarm™ Heated Car Travel Blanket. Simply plug it into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, and enjoy the cozy warmth it provides in cold winter months.

Crafted with warm-keeping fleece fabric and featuring an S-shaped heating curve for uniform heat distribution, this blanket heats up quickly to provide immediate comfort. 

Upgrade your travel experience with the TravelWarm™ Heated Car Travel Blanket, and never let the cold weather hinder your adventures again.

Recommended by professional drivers all across Australia, our TravelWarm™ Heated Car Travel Blanket is the best quality accessory you can have for your vehicle. Crafted to professional-grade standards, you'll be amazed at how much more comfortable and enjoyable your winter drives become!

Join countless satisfied Australian customers who have experienced the warmth and comfort of our heated travel blankets, making their driving routines simpler and more pleasant.

    Benefits of TravelWarm™ Heated Car Travel Blanket

    ✔️ Instant Warmth: Enjoy immediate comfort with fast heating technology, keeping you warm during cold winter drives.

    ✔️ Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for all 12V vehicles and ships, including cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs, and boats.

    ✔️ Portable and Compact: Easily foldable design allows for convenient storage in your trunk or backseat without occupying much space.

    ✔️ Safe and Reliable: Professional-grade internal design ensures safe operation and consistent performance.

    ✔️ Winter Essential: The 2023 New Model Car Seat Cushion is a must-have for work commuters, road travellers, taxicab drivers, or any car owner looking to enhance their driving comfort during winter.

    The Best Car Heated Seat Cover You Will Ever Buy

    Our 12V Car Heated Seat Cover is scientifically designed to outlast and outperform regular seat covers. Crafted by specialist manufacturers, this high-quality heated seat cover will elevate your driving experience to new heights, providing unmatched comfort and warmth during the cold winter months.

    Why Do You Need the Car Heated Seat Cover?

    Using old, worn-out seat covers leads to uncomfortable, chilly drives, making your winter journeys frustrating and unpleasant. Upgrading to the 12V Car Heated Seat Cover ensures a warm, cozy ride every time, providing comfort and enjoyment throughout the cold months.


    • Material: Fleece
    • Colour: Black and Red, Black and White
    • Size: 148cmx108cm
    • Power: 45W 

    The Complete Set Includes:

    • 1 x Heat Travel Blanket
    • 1 x Car Charger

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