Seatbed™ Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV with Electric Pump

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Do you want to go camping but don't have the time or the room in your car to pack the tent?

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV for the most comfortable sleep in your car!

Do you want to go camping but don't have the time or the room in your car to pack the tent?  Are you looking for a comfortable blow up car mattress when you go to festivals, surfing holidays, camping or other holidays. 

You don't need to pack a big and bulky tent with this comfortable car mattress.  It has been designed specially for cars fits in the back of most SUV's, vans and 4x4s to create an amazing comfortable sleeping surface.

Our Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV's  allows you to sleep in your car with comfort without all the hassle of putting up a tent.  As well as blowing up in 2 minutes using the lighter socket in your car.  

Whether you are buying an Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV for yourself or a loved one, it is entirely risk free. We are so confident that you will fall in love with your Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. Join over 10,000+ satisfied customers who have created extra storage in their car.  



The Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV comes with a pump which you can plug into the cigarette lighter of our car. It inflates quickly within 2 minutes.   

The Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV , is suitable for camping, rests stops, pets, changing your baby and more. 


✔️ THE PERFECT FIT  - Easily fits in most cars, SUVs, vans and 4X4s 

✔️ LONG LASTING COMFORT -  The air bed is made of high quality PVC, coated with a 0.6mm soft flocked material.

✔️ COMFY PILLOWS -  It comes with comfy inflatable pillows if you don't have enough room to pack large bedroom pillows

✔️ FAST INFLATION AND EASY STORAGE - It is easy to pump up as a 12V air pump connects to your car's cigarette lighter.  Takes about 2 minutes to pump up 

✔️  HOLDS HEAVY WEIGHT - The inflatable mattress' overall load-bearing capacity is up to 250kg


✔️ Colour: Black

✔️ Material:  PVC+ Flocking

✔️ Fit: Universal

✔️ Product Size: 180cm x 130cm

✔️ Weight Bearing: Up to 150kg


  • 1 x Air Mattress
    2 x Inflatable Pillows
    1 x Electric Air Inflating Pump
    1 x Carrying Bag
    1 x Repair Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Sharon Milne

Great thanks

Car mattress

Air was filled in compartments making it easy in the event one section plug was not pushed in properly .. which happened to us. Quick and easy set up with good height to sleep on.

We are glad to hear that you like our Seatbed™ Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV with Electric Pump.
Thank you so much for supporting our brand.
Have a great day :)

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