Ultimate Magnetic Land Cruiser 70 Series Car Cup Holder, Armrest and Console Storage

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Are you frustrated with the lack of drink holders and arm rest in your Toyota Land Cruiser?

Do you have drinks spilling in the car when you are travelling?

Does your arm ache when you are travelling long distances? 

Meet The #1 Cruiser™ Driver & Passenger Door Armrest 2.0 For Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

Our Cruiser™ Driver & Passenger Door Armrest 2.0 For Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series provides the perfect place to rest your arm and secure your drink.  

It is easy to install and fits perfectly on the side door of a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series.   

 How It Works

These arm rest cups holders fit the 70 series Toyota Land-cruiser, they accommodate both large and small diameter cups/bottles snugly with a removable rubber seal. Easy installation it just slips in under the window weather strip. 

4 Reasons You Need Magnetic Cruiser™ Driver & Passenger Door Armrest and the Console

 BOOST EXPERIENCE OF DRIVING -  Having a comfortable armrest and a place to put your drink makes your driving experience more pleasurable.

 SUPPORT ARM PAIN - Supports arm relaxation

EXTRA CUP HOLDER - Provides extra storage in your car to allow you to easily access drinks without spilling   

Key Product Specifications Magnetic Armrest

✔️ Colour: Black & Grey

✔️ Material:    Made of leather and Carbon Fibre material 

Compatible With Land Cruiser 70 76 79 Series

✔️ Fit: Fits For Land Cruiser 70 Series LC70/76/78/79, VDJ 70/76/78/ 79, HZJ75, HZJ79

 ✔️ How to Install: Our this cup holder can be adhered to the car very well by the magnet. Attached with the door by Magnet and Hook


Key Product Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Centre Console 

✔️ Colour: Black

✔️ Material:   High Quality Plastic

✔️ Fit: Toyota Land Cruiser70 LC70 LC71 LC77 LC79  LC76 09-20  

 Package Includes

  • One PAIR (RH & LH) magnetic side armrest cup holder.
  • One Car Console for Land Cruiser

    Questions? Email Us: support@theorganisedauto.com.au 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews
    Dale long


    Jason Carey
    Lovely arm rest

    Recommend this product handy things they are

    Jamie Glover

    Highly recommend this. Perfect for my drinks and a great place to lean my arm which get's sore when driving.

    Craig West

    Highly recommend

    Hamish Blake

    Great! Fit perfectly and very sturdy. Great place to lean my arm when driving.

    Owen Davidson

    Fit perfectly thanks

    Carmen Marks

    This is great. I have a sore neck and arm and this really helps to have a place to rest it. The drink holder is so convenient as well. Fits perfectly and very sturdy.

    Larry Baker

    Highly recommend these cup holders and arm rest.

    justin hook

    Cruiser™ Driver & Passenger Door Armrest 2.0 For Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series


    Fit perfectly and very convenient

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