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Quick Drying Microfibre Towel For Drying Cleaning Waxing Polishing

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Are you tired of using clothes that cannot dry your car easily?

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Microfibre Towel For Car Drying Cleaning Waxing Polishing

The softest, most absorbent microfibre drying towel you've ever used. Designed specifically for use for all cars, The Microfibre Towel leaves your car with a scratch-free, streak-free shine. Does not scratch your paintwork and dry your car safely and softly without damaging your paintwork. Dry your car in under 90 seconds:

The soft microfibre strands absorb and hold a ton of water, allowing you to dry your car quickly without having to squeeze water out of the towel! The super soft edging around the towel further reduces any risk of micro scratches on your paint. All in one incredible towel.

The microfibre cleaning cloths are designed to make drying your car a lot quicker and cleaner.  Perfect also for kitchen household use: can lifts dust, dirt, and grease away from your cleaning surface without leaving lint and streak marks.


✔️Large Microfibre Towel - for Car Drying Cleaning Waxing Polishing

✔️ Lightweight and portable, easy to carry

✔️ Ideal for car washing, drying, and polishing

✔️ Not easy to rub off and discolor

✔️Soft, easy to clean

✔️100% Brand New and High Quality


 Microfibre Towel for Car Drying Cleaning Waxing Polishing is Ideal for car washing, drying, and polishing. It has great water absorbent ability. Soft, easy to clean, Fine texture, not wool, not ball, Not easy to rub off and discolor, Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.


✔️ Material: Microfiber

✔️Color: Blue (As Pictures Show)

✔️ Dimension: 60*160cm/23*63 inches (Approx.)

✔️Quantity: 1pc


  • 1*Car Cleaning Microfibre Towel

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