3-Layer Car Mesh Organiser Storage Pet Barrier Dog Net Barrier

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3-Layer Car Mesh Organiser Storage Pet Barrier Dog Net Barrier

Choose Our No. 1 Rated 3-Layer Car Mesh Organiser Storage Pet Barrier Dog Net Barrier

Experience convenience and safety on the road with our 3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer Storage Pet Barrier Dog Net Barrier. This versatile solution is compatible with all cars and trucks, fitting effortlessly between seat headrests, on seat fronts, or on seat backs

Crafted from high-quality Oxford cloth and premium mesh, this organizer boasts stability and durability, ensuring long-lasting use

Featuring a 3-layer storage design, it offers generous storage space, keeping your essentials organized and within reach. Additionally, it acts as a vital safety barrier for children and pets in the rear seats, contributing to a safer driving experience  


  1. Installation: It's designed to fit in any car or truck. You can put it between the headrests of the front seats or on the front or back of any seat. To set it up, just attach it to the headrest at the top and hook it onto something solid under the seat. No need for any tools or stickers.

  2. Storage: It has three layers for storing things like your wallet, phone, or bag. This keeps your stuff organized and within reach while you're driving.

  3. Safety: It also works as a barrier between the front and back seats. This helps keep kids or pets in the back from causing distractions while you drive, making your trips safer and more focused.

The mesh is ultra strong and durable to last for a long time.

Pet Barrier


✔️ Universal Compatibility: It fits seamlessly in all cars and trucks, making it a versatile solution for various vehicles. 

✔️ Easy Installation: Setting it up is quick and hassle-free. Just buckle it to the headrest and hook it under the seat without the need for tools or stickers

✔️ Enhanced Storage: With its 3-layer design, it provides ample space to keep essential items organized and easily accessible during your drive.

✔️ Safety Barrier: It acts as a protective barrier between the front and back seats, preventing distractions caused by children or pets, thus improving overall driving safety

✔️ Convenience: This organizer adds convenience to your daily drives by keeping your belongings tidy and within reach, reducing clutter in your vehicle

✔️ Versatile Placement: You can install it between seat headrests or on seat fronts and backs, giving you flexibility in positioning it where it's most convenient for you

✔️ Multi-Purpose: Beyond its storage function, it serves as a valuable safety accessory, ensuring a more focused and secure driving experience


✔️ Type: car mesh organizer

✔️ Color: Black

✔️ Material: Polyester

✔️ Function: Multi-Pocket Travel Storage

✔️ Size: 9.8” * 11.8” stretch to 13.8” x 15.8”


  • 1 x Car Mesh Organizer Storage

Reduce Risks of Distracted Driving

In a recent study conducted by Monash University, Aussies are being distracted every 96 seconds by something other than driving their vehicle.  To no surprise eating or drinking is one of the top 5 distractions. 

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