Mesh Front Seat Barrier for Pets

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Mesh Front Seat Barrier for Pets

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Mesh Front Seat Barrier for Pets for Less Mess and Stress

Introducing the Mesh Front Seat Barrier for Pets - the ideal solution for keeping your furry friends safe and your car comfortable during rides

Crafted from breathable, ventilated material with highly visible straps, this barrier ensures optimal airflow and visibility while maintaining durability. Its lightweight and portable design makes it a convenient addition to any car.

This barrier creates a reliable separation between the front and back car seats, effectively keeping your pets in the back seat where they belong. Say goodbye to distractions caused by pets jumping into the front seat while driving. Your ride will be safer, more comfortable, and free from unexpected canine rescue missions


The Mesh Front Seat Barrier for Pets is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment in your car by preventing pets from accessing the front seats while you're driving. Here's how it works.   


✔️ Enhanced Safety: The barrier creates a secure boundary between the front and back seats, preventing pets from jumping into the front seat while you're driving. This reduces distractions and enhances safety for both you and your pets

✔️ Comfortable and Breathable: Made from breathable and ventilated mesh material, the barrier ensures that your pets remain comfortable during the ride. It allows for optimal airflow, preventing pets from feeling trapped or overheated

✔️ Easy Installation: The barrier is designed for quick and hassle-free installation. With hooks and an adjustable cable net, you can easily attach it to the handle over the door or the front seat headrest

✔️ Visible Straps: The highly visible straps maintain a clear boundary between the front and back seats, enhancing visibility both day and night. This helps pets understand their designated area

✔️ Reduced Distractions: By keeping pets in the back seat, the barrier minimizes distractions caused by pets moving around or attempting to reach the front seat. This allows you to focus on the road and drive safely

✔️Promotes Responsible Pet Ownership: Using the barrier promotes responsible pet ownership by prioritizing the safety of your pets and fellow passengers, making every car ride a safer and more enjoyable experience.

pet barrier


✔️ Colour:  Black Microgrid

✔️ Material:  Mesh

✔️ Fit: Universal

✔️ Product Size: 115 x 62 cm


  • 1 X Grid
  • 2 X Luggage rope
  • 4 X Hook rope

Reduce Risks of Distracted Driving

In a recent study conducted by Monash University, Aussies are being distracted every 96 seconds by something other than driving their vehicle.  To no surprise eating or drinking is one of the top 5 distractions. 

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