Ultimate Kids Car Organiser Travel Pack

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Multi Pocket Car Back Seat Organiser with Tablet Holder - Buy one Get One Free  plus the Kids Snack & Play Car Tray - 50% 

Are you travelling in your car over Christmas and the holidays and need to keep the kids entertained. 

Are you sick and tired of your car being a mess?.  Are you tired of spending hours cleaning out your car?   Do your kids just throw rubbish and toys all over the car and lose things all the time?

Meet the #1 Multi Pocket car Back Seat Organiser with Tablet Holder plus  Kids Snack & Play Car Tray -

Keep your car neat and tidy whilst you are travelling with our Multi Pocket Car Back Seat Organiser.

Multi Pocket Car Back Seat Organisers are a great option for someone looking for extra storage in their cars especially for their kids.  It holds for drinks, tablets, mobiles, books, colouring pads and more. 

This was developed to help organised your messy car or vehicle.  Keep all your daily essentials whilst you are driving right by your side. 

Our Kids Snack & Play Car Tray is the perfect travel tray for your kids.  It is sturdy enough for your kids to eat on, play on and ready.  It buckles around the child and can be used in car seats, booster seats, strollers and even on airplanes.   It is perfect for keeping the kids entertained for long road trips and containing the mess to one spot.  


✔️ BE ORGANISED - Keep your kids organised and entertained while they are in the back seat.

✔️ TABLET HOLDER - Fits Android and iOS Tablets up to 11". (Ipad, Samsung Galaxy. It has a slit opening for headphones. 

✔️ SECURE PLACE - Get rid of clutter and have a secure place for toys, ipads, drawing, paper, drinks and more

✔️ PROTECTS YOUR CAR -  Keeps car clean from kids dirty footprints, scribble and scratches. 

✔️ EASY ACCESS - Easy to keep small and large items and it has mesh windows do you can see what is in the pocket.

✔️ ADJUSTABLE STRAP - The strap is adjustable and can be attached around the headrest. 



✔️ Colour: Black

✔️ Material: Non Woven Material

✔️ Fit: Universal and fits almost any car

✔️ Placement on Vehicle: Rear Seat

✔️ Function: Various storage pockets, drink holder 

✔️ Product Size: 61cm*41.5cm

✔️ Ipad Product: 25cm*20cm




✔️ Colour: Dark Blue

✔️ Material:  nylon, foam and polyester

✔️ Strap Size: 85cm

✔️ Product Size: 40cm x 34cm x 5cm


  • 2 Multi Pocket Car Back Seat Organiser with Tablet Holder  PLUS Kids Tray


100% satisfaction or your money back!  Just try our our Multi Pocket Car Back Seat Organiser for 14 days!  If you are not satisfied, we will simply take it back - no questions asked.  This is how confident we are since thousands + other customers have used and benefited from the Multi Pocket Car Back Seat Organiser With Tablet Holder.


Questions? Email Us: support@theorganisedauto.com.au 

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