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ShinyPad™ Wonder Car Windscreen Cleaner - Streak Free Microfibre Cloth

$39.99 $79.99

Is Your Windscreen Foggy and Dirty?

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Wonder Windscreen Microfibre Cleaner for Less Distraction, Mess and Stress

Do you strain your back when you are trying to clean the inside of your car windscreen?  Do you get frustrated when your windscreen becomes foggy and dirty?Does your current cleaner leave streaks all over your windscreen?

Our ShinyPad™ Wonder Car Windscreen Cleaner - Streak Free Microfibre Cloth allows you to clean your windscreen perfectly without streaks and straining your back.  It has a long, ergonomic handle and a microfibre cloth to make it easy to clean those cars with deep windscreens.

Whether you are buying our ShinyPad™ Wonder Car Windscreen Cleaner - Streak Free Microfibre Cloth for yourself or a loved one, it is entirely risk free. We are so confident that you will fall in love with your ShinyPad™ Wonder Car Windscreen Cleaner - Streak Free Microfibre Cloth. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. Join over 10,000+ satisfied customers who have created extra storage in their car.  

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Simply spray cleaner or tap water into the spay bottle of the microfibre bonnet and clean your windshield with ease!  Use it in your car, hard to reach windows in your house, mirrors and even floors.


✔️ NO BACK STRAIN - Clean your windscreen without straining your back.

✔️ SAVE MONEY -  No need for expensive glass cleaners just use tap water.

✔️ NO STREAKS -  Microfibre cloth does not leave any streaks.

✔️ REUSABLE CLOTH -  Microfibre cloth is washable save money and waste.


✔️ Colour: Green

✔️ Material: Plastic Handle and Microfibre Cloth

✔️ Fit: Universal

✔️ Product Size: 13*9.5 cm

✔️ Length: 39cm

✔️ Weight: 110g


  • 1* Windshield Cleaner


Questions? Email Us: support@theorganisedauto.com.au


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Liam Renner

No streaks on my windscreen

Dale Fisher

Keep it in my car sooooooo good! Thanks The Organised Auto

Belinda Hilberts

I am older and struggle with cleaning my windscreen. This has been great to clean them as I don't have to stretch. No streaks as well.

Waren Barton

This windscreen cleaner is great. I keep it in my car and it cleans it so easily. I just use a bit of water on the cloth. I can then throw it in the washing machine.

Mary Collins

I love this I got some for my kids cars as well.

Nancy Schultz

I have a deep dashboards and I find it really hard to reach down the bottom. This is a lifesaver as I can get in all the hard to reach places and it cleans it really well.

Gail Karter

This worked beautifully on the front AND side windows. This is Awesome!!😎"

Tanya Johns

This works well on all my car windows. No streaks and easy to use.

Colleen Hilll

Highly recommend

Oliver Madison

This helps keep my windscreen clean and the 180 rotation is great for not having to stretch my back.

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