5 Car Organiser Hacks For The Ultimate Summer Australia Road Trip

By Jacqui Davison | January 01, 2023 | 11:11 am 

The Reality Of Ultimate Summer Australia Road Trip:

➡ Bored children distracting you in the backseat fighting?

➡ Kids begging for screens!

➡ The inside of the car looks like a bomb went off in it!

➡ Listening to Toy Story for the 50th time!

➡ Getting into a 40 degree hot car!

➡ ruining your car interior!

Research has shown that in Australia, distraction is the main contributing factor in approximately 16% of serious casualty road crashes and also suggests that distracted driving is as dangerous, if not more dangerous than drink driving. 

It is a serious problem on Australian roads.  

Which means one thing is clear — it’s time to get organised and plan your road trip so you can be safe and secure!

Having a well organised car for your road trip is a must especially if you are doing a big trip around Australia.

However, some cars just don't have the extra's that allow for good car storage, car drink holders and entertainment especially to keep the kids entertained.   The extra's are usually really expensive and sometimes car models just don't have the options.

So what you are left with is insufficient storage, no where to put your drink bottle, things flying around the car and a complete mess.

Perhaps you’re already frustrated with not having a big enough car drink holder, no storage for Ipads, and a messy car.  

➡ You have rubbish throughout your car

➡ You or your children spill drinks daily in the car and cause damage to the interior

➡ Ipads go flying through the car when you hit the brakes

The good news is, we have a solution to solve all these problems on your family road trip.

The Organised Auto has been helping people organise their car for over 2 years with unique storage ideas to stop distractions when driving and keep your kids entertained. 

But how can you keep your car more organised when you don't have any built in storage in your car?  Here are the top 5 things you need to keep your car organised when on your Australia Road Trip. 

1) Back Seat Organiser

When it comes to traveling with kids, organisation is the top priority for every parent. But when you are driving, it becomes quite difficult — and equally risky — to turn your head again and again to make sure your kids are safe and happy.

To solve this problem, we have two innovative solutions for you: our car organiser and kids play tray. These two products will make it easier for you to monitor your kids' activities without turning your head. 

This Kids Snack & Play Car Tray is the perfect travel tray for your kids.  It is sturdy enough for your kids to eat on, play on and ready.  It buckles around the child and can be used in car seats, booster seats, strollers and even on airplanes. It is perfect for keeping the kids entertained for long road trips and containing the mess to one spot.  

2) Car Boot Organiser

A great way to organise your boot is with storage dividers; boxes and baskets work well. That way, you can easily compartmentalise everything in your boot, and even make it easier to organise and find things especially when on a long road trip.  This Car Boot Organiser is the perfect solution as it fits right across the back seat and you can separate items such as drinks, sports gear and other luggage you may need to pack.

3) Car Window Sun Shade

If you have on a road trip there is nothing worse than getting back into a 40° hot stinking car.   These  Car Sunshade Windscreen Umbrella protects your vehicle from 99% harmful ultraviolet rays as well as the interior of your car.  It prevents ageing and heat resistance.   Having a cool and comfortable driving environment is a must the Australian hot sun.  It folds away easily in your glovebox or door pocket for an easy way to keep your car cool this summer. 

4) Inflatable Car Mattress

Inflatable Car Mattresses are an extremely useful auto accessory when taking road trips.  They are small and compact and can transform your car into a comfortable bed. 


There is also the one especially designed for SUV's below which can be used in the boot space. 

The Inflatable Car Mattress comes with a pump which you can plug into the cigarette lighter of our car. It inflates quickly within 2 minutes.   

The Inflatable Car Mattress For SUV , is suitable for camping, rests stops, pets, changing your baby and more. 


5) Car Cup Holder

There are many cars that don't have the right car cup holders for large drink bottles and also some of the older cars just don't have any.   Below we have a number of hacks so you can keep your drinks secure whilst on your Summer Australia Road Trip. 

The Land Cruiser 70 Series is one example of a car that does not even have cup holders.  This arm rest and cup holder for the Land Cruiser 70 Series is the perfect solution to keep you comfortable on your road trip. 


Check our full collection of Car Organisers here.

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